starting procedure of mitsubishi purifier

Starting Procedure of Mitsubishi Purifier after Overhaul

So you have overhauled the Mitsubishi Purifier and now looking for the correct procedure to start it.

My friend, you have landed on the correct page as today I am going to discuss the starting procedure of Mitsubishi Purifier after Overhaul.

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Having said that, let’s directly jump into our topic.

Starting procedure of Mitsubishi Purifier after Overhaul

NOTE: Before getting into the starting procedure, I always prefer to clean the machinery with diesel oil and square up the area around it. This enables early detection of any leakage or problem in the machinery.

Cleaning the machinery before starting gives me some sort of physiological satisfaction that my machinery is ready to start.

Well, that was just my perspective about the machines which I work upon. It may vary from person to person.

Checks to be made prior to starting the Purifier

  1. Check the gear case for a sufficient level of lube oil,
  2. Release the brakes, if applied for stopping the Purifier,
  3. Check for proper electrical connections with the electrical officer,
  4. All the Breaker must be turned ON before starting,
  5. Quickly go through the pipeline and ensure all necessary valves are open before starting the Purifier. (Sealing water valve, Feed pump inlet, outlet, by-pass valve, etc.)

Starting Procedure of purifier

  1. First, start the Purifier Feed Pump and open the steam in the oil heater,
  2. Wait for the temperature to rise to 95-98 degree C
  3. Turn off the Oil monitoring system from the Box located just in front of the Purifier. (or, as per your ship’s location)
  4. Now start the purifier motor, and wait until it picks up the rated RPM.

NOTE: Purifier might vibrate in the process of starting, but these vibrations last for a couple of seconds only.

During the vibration period, Motor Amperage also rises. But it will come to the normal range, as the Purifier attains the rated RPM.

If, in any case, Purifier doesn’t stop vibrating or motor amperage didn’t come down, stop the Purifier immediately and start troubleshooting for the problem.

  1. Once Purifier attains the rated RPM, you can either try to desludge it manually or automatically.
  2. Talking about the automatic operation; after the normal desludging process, the feed will open,
  3. Now you need to monitor the oil flow rate, back pressure, and overflow,
  4. As soon as the feed valve opens, back pressure starts increasing, and it will rise above the normal range, but don’t worry, it will come down to the normal range within a minute.
  5. After everything become normal, you can turn on the Oil monitoring device so that alarms can come in case of any problem.


With this, we have completed the starting procedure of the Mitsubishi Purifier after overhaul.

You should keep monitoring the Purifier for proper operation every 30-60 minutes after starting.

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